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​​Private investments like real estate and private equity provide great opportunities for ESG investments
Oct. 28, 2020
Is infrastructure emerging as the new darling of responsible investment? For firms with ESG aligned investment strategies that seems to be case. In a rapidly changing world, with much talk of a “new normal” and an “accelerated transition” to a post-COVID green economy, this article provides insights on how two Canadian investment managers are leading the way and seeking alpha with ESG aligned infrastructure investments. The business case supporting sustainable infrastructure investment is gaining traction with a new reporting framework through GRESB Infrastructure, and proven performance of investments in renewable energy and net zero strategies ...
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Principles for responsible investment (PRI) Climate change reporting webinar ft Catherine Marshall

Catherine Marshall on ESG Panel
The Global Real Estate Web Meeting
April 20-22, 2020
​I was invited to join an esteemed panel of ESG leaders in the inaugural Global Real Estate Meeting Online conference.  Originally set as a physical conference in NYC it was shifted to a virtual conference as a result of the Great Lockdown. ​...
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PRI Reporting Deadline: A race to the finish line in 2020
Canadian Investment Review
February 27, 2020
​There is nothing like a deadline to focus the mind.  Asset owners and managers who are signatories of the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investments have ​...
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ESG Tongue-Twisters to become everyday language in 2020
Canadian Investment Review
January 16, 2020
​Have you ever noticed that the language of sustainable investment is rife with acronyms? In my opinion, 2020 will see some of the worst tongue-twisters ​...
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​​​Catherine Marshall Shares Research Insights on Pension Pulse
Pension Pulse
February 12, 2020
​As a researcher I have worked with private investments’ data for many years. There is only one data set that is created so that a clear picture is available for private equity and infrastructure, and that is 
Burgiss. The data is not cheap and they are pretty secretive. But that is the only thing I think can be relied on for definitive conclusions. ​... Read more


Catherine Marshall is featured guest author on GRESB

February 10, 2020
GRESB is the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark.  It is an honor to have been featured as a Guest Writer on the GRESB site. ​

​​​ESG Investing Enticed by Outperformance

Benefits and Pensions Monitor
December 2019 Issue
by Catherine Ann Marshall
​The future of ESG investing in North America will be driven by the carrot rather than the stick during the next few years -- but don’t discount the possibility that governments may bring out the stick in the absence of tangible progress on climate change ​...
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Sustainability Measures Pay Off
​​​​Canadian Apartment Magazine
​​March 2011

Greening a building isn't the first thing that comes to mind when apartment owners think of boosting the bottom line.  Many owners think advertising a property as a green building might attract additional rental applications but question whether the payback justifies the extra costs... Read more

Global Approach Best Position
Benefits and Pensions Monitor
February 2018 Issue
by Tom Johnston & Catherine Marshall
​Bullish or safety seeker?  Global real estate can be a part of a solution under either scenario 
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U.S. Gives Global Investors A Gift
Global Property Market
June 1-2, 2016
​America has given global real estate investors a surprise gift in the hopes of getting one back. The surprise Christmas present was the removal of some “punitive” taxes on U.S. real estate investments. Changes passed unexpectedly by Congress Dec. 17, 2015 
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Rush of Global Capital Heralds New Era
Real Estate Forum Magazine
December 1, 2015
​Catherine Ann Marshall has been predicting a significant change in investor preferences - from “home bias” to globalized - for many years.  This expectation is now reality with global capital flows reaching new and critical highs. As prices surpass the high water market from 2007 in the world’s largest cities, investors are looking farther afield, especially to new markets that can provide superior risk-adjusted returns. Read this article to see what strategies leading global investors are employing.

Canada a Rising Star - Investment and Pensions Europe
Investment and Pensions Europe
March 1, 2005
A decade ago, Canada was a highly sought-after investment location for foreign real estate investors. Canada stood out among global alternatives because of its attractive pricing and positive outlook. Read this article to find out who was buying and how they identified Canada as a "buy".

Explosion in institutional capital: Where do we go from here?
Real Estate Forum Magazine, Winter 2012 ed.
December 1, 2012
At the turn of the millennium, Catherine Ann Marshall Investment Consultant authored an article for Real Estate Forums Magazine that examined the sorry state of institutional investment in Canadian real estate. The real estate recession of the 1990's caused widespread institutional apathy, verging on antipathy. As a result, by 1999 just $17 billion, or barely 3% of pension assets, were in property investments. Despite the situation, Catherine hazards to make an “optimistic” forecast that pension fund investment could reach $81 billion by 2010. Read this article to see how her forecast did.

​​Hot Properties - What real estate is doing in your portfolio
The CFA Analyst
December 30, 2013
There is a widespread misconception that real estate is a "hot" new asset class. In this article, Catherine Ann Marshall reviews the history of institutional real estate investing and explains how property earned its place in investment portfolios by providing total return, strong income, and diversification.

Canadian Real Estate: Too Much Of A Good Thing?
Benefits and Pensions Monitor
May 2014 Issue
As the popularity of direct property investment has increased, Canadian commercial real estate has been transformed from a developer-led business to an institutionally managed one. Institutional investors credit this change for increased market safety and low volatility, which has conferred ‘safe haven’ on Canada with a resultant price premium.
But given the popularity of Canadian real estate, is it time to consider whether the price increases in Canadian real estate is ‘too much of a good thing?

​​Welcome to America: Open for Business?
Real Estate Forum Magazine
December 1, 2013
Serious political discussions in Washington over tax reform and foreign investment in 2013 seemed to open a door to consideration of reforms to the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act. Otherwise known as the dreaded "FIRPTA", this onerous tax legislation is responsible for discouraging investment in U.S. real estate. The reasons for optimism that FIRPTA will eventually be liberalized are discussed.

​Circle of Life
The Canadian Real Estate Forum Magazine
December 1, 2014  - View Pages 24-25
When it comes to investment management, Lifecos are no longer the "sleeping giants". Under the radar, the investment management arms of Life Insurance companies have uniformly outperformed industry averages in terms of winning assets under management from third party investors, and launching new platforms. The performance of Canadian Lifecos is representative of the success in the overall industry.



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