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Global real estate is the asset class that has been most widely adopted by large institutional investors. Public real estate is well-developed globally and offers transparency and liquidity, and immediate diversification. Private market real estate provides global real estate investors with up to 30 years of Private Market benchmark data in key markets, a well-developed global private brokerage system with detailed market data and increasing transparency, and a global system of specialized information, IT, and service providers. As a result of the sophistication of investment real estate, the private market has bifurcated into private and public markets, and within private markets into a huge variety of open- and closed-ended funds.  In addition, the relative sophistication of real estate within the real asset category has resulted in three distinctive and well-established investment styles: Core, Value-Added and Opportunistic.

Real estate performance is dependent on the interaction between the local market, property types and real estate cycles.  Performance varies in some predictable ways through cycles, and at different stages of economic development. These can provide powerful diversification benefits to the real estate portfolio, and through the real estate allocation to multi-asset portfolio.  Depending on the time horizon of investments and other important factors, Public real estate can be seen as interchangeable, or complimentary to, private real estate.